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EKR Custom Caraccessories

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Superior quality custom/semicustom/universal car seat covers, floor mats, trunk covers, steering wheel cover and so on top afforable car accessories

Why Choose EKR?

·Genuine custom fit for cars to achieve an original look-alike, equipment with a snug fit and nice finish·Breathable propriety SoftTouch material maintains a comfortable temperature in extreme heat and cold
·Adds value to your interior by refreshing the look of your seats. Handy storage pockets included behind the driver and passenger seats
·Each seam is precisely sewn to assure quality and an everlasting fit. Two years worranty and lifttime repair

Blogs Column

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       Don't worry about the car seat cover being dirty, start using the right car seat cover for you now!
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If you want to use this design on your car model, please contact customer service. All cars can be customized for use.Please note that due...
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What Our Customers Are Saying

The common choice of global car owners

★★★★★ I received the item, then I reported that one of the pieces were wrong. They immediately sent me the right piece, no further question ask —— Edgar Ortiz

★★★★★ Pretty quick delivery and very nice covers just as pictured , expect fitment to be spot on also. No car yet on the way so can not state on fitment yet —— George

★★★★★ Didn't take too long to receive my red seat covers, were delivered by UPS. Great quality. I really like how the red makes my car's interior pop! The fitment was really good for a 2014 Corolla. Now I like driving around with my windows down haha —— Alex Fernandez

★★★★★ Great looking covers. Awesome service. My car was not an available option but a quick email to remedied that with some photos. I was quite impressed with how well the packaging was. The center console cover was a hair too small where I was not able to make it fit, even with opening the stitching. However, I emailed them the issue and they were quick to send me a replacement with the necessary adjustments on size to ensure a proper fit. THANK YOU!!! —— James Le

★★★★★ Looks brand new and very easy to install. Looks like a brand new car. ——Nikki Antisdel

★★★★★ "Was very impressed with the quality and fit of the carseat covers. Customer service was exceptional. I would not hesitate to buy from EKR Auto again!!" —— Karin