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How to make my seat covers tighter ?

Many people often encounter this problem: how to keep seat covers in place and tighter?

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1. Try to Avoid universal seat covers

Obviously, most seat covers often do not meet their needs, because they are universal seat covers, it is impossible to match the seats of every model under every brand. You can find in daily life that most seats are completely different, not only because of the different lines and lines, but more importantly, the structure is different. Some rear seats are composed of two cushions. The universal seat cover purchased is a piece, you can imagine that there is a gap in the middle, not only will it not fit, but it will also hide dirt. So the universal seat cover is not only not durable, but more importantly, it is easy to slip off! That's why we keep phasing out universal seat covers.


2. Find the custom seat covers

If you want the seat cover not to move, not to slip off. The best thing to do is to have it completely wrapped and to be extremely precise in size so that the seat is well protected, like the seat upholstery, with leather growing out of the original seat. Such a seat cover will not cause these troubles.


3. Recognize your car seat type

In fact, the car seats of each brand are different, the seats of each car under the same brand are not the same, and the difference in the manufacturing year will also lead to different seats. These are all things we should pay attention to. The problem. So, how should we go to keep seat covers in place or just make a bit tighter? Here is a method, we only need to buy special seat covers for specific models, generally few people have heard of such seat covers. It is completely wrapped in 360 degrees, and once installed, there is basically no need to change the seat cover again. Many customers say that it is like the one that came with the car from the day they bought it. It has a leather texture and fits perfectly, much more reliable than the weird seat covers on the market.


4. Get the right seat strutures option

If you have decided that you want to buy a custom seat cover, be sure to find out your car brand, model, year of manufacture, and trim level. Most American models have seats classified according to trim level, which also makes it more clear for customers to understand themselves. What type of seat is there? If your model is a 2019 Toyota RAV4 SE, you will be very happy to find the option of EKR custom seat covers, available in many colors and styles, these classic seat covers are loved by many people, and I believe you are no exception.After waiting for the factory to make the seat cover, there is no stock because it is a custom order. It usually takes one week to make and two weeks to ship. Good things are never too late, we can start installing the seat cover after we receive it. Please follow this tutorial to install.

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5. Tricks for EKR custom seat covers installation

Tip1. Find a partner

It is best to invite a friend or family member to install it together with you. Some models need to remove the backrest and base of the rear row. We recommend that you do this so that the seat cover fits better and fits securely over the seat cover. There will be almost no more worries about seat covers for you. Of course, you can look for a repair shop to install it for you.

Tip2. Follow the steps to install, don't rush


When installing, Tuck the seat cover through the crease of your seats and run the tie-down straps from the front of the cover to the back. Connect the straps to the back and tighten for a snug fit.

Once you've got everything installed, enjoy the comfort and good mood that custom seat covers bring to you. Here is EKRrauto, the provider of EKR custom seat covers.

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