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4 reasons why Car Travel need Seat Covers unveiled

Do you like travel? Have you ever traveled by car? We live in an era of continuous economic development and fast-paced life, and people are beginning to seek spiritual pleasure.

1. Popular Self-driving Travel

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As a result, self-driving travel has become very popular, and people are looking forward to putting down other burdens and bringing their relatives to enjoy the customs of other places during the holidays. However, the road to your destination can be tedious, the driving time can be long, and you and your family can be exhausted. Here, I would like to recommend car seat covers for travel for people who like to travel by car.

2. Required Advantages of Seat Covers for Travel

Seat covers for travel are suitable for long-distance driving, and people have more needs, so they have a better experience than ordinary seat covers, which are reflected in the following aspects.

  • Not Shift: Traveling safely is the foundation of travel. During driving, if the seat cover is easy to slip and shift, it will undoubtedly bring safety hazards to driving and reduce driving comfort.
  • No Irritating Odor: The irritating odor will not only reduce the comfort in the car, but also inhale these odors for a long time will affect people's health.
  • Good Breathability: Long-distance travel requires sitting in the driver's seat all the time, and the importance of the breathability of the seat cover is reflected, which can relieve the sultry heat, especially in the hot summer.
  • Not Fade: Some products use low-quality dyes that will mix after a while in contact with other items. During the period of self-driving, you need to choose a seat cover that will not fade, so as to prevent such irritating accidents
  • Durability:A durable seat cover saves money and effort, can be used with confidence every time you travel, and won't break down too often and be annoying.
    ekr custom seat covers for cars burgundy

    3. Tips for Choosing Materials

    In order to improve the degree of adaptation of your own use, you can choose according to your own situation to meet your specific needs. Here are some suggestions to match by yourself.

    • Colder Place: Suede

    Since suede has no finishing layer, its breathability and softness are better. Suede seat covers are similar to leather in feel, but are more durable and provide better warmth in colder regions.

    • Hotter Places: Neoprene

    Made from the same material as high-pressure, temperature, and moisture-resistant scuba suits, neoprene seat covers offer maximum protection against water damage, spills, dirt, debris, and the sun's UV rays. Hence, neoprene is perfect in hot areas.

    • Mild Place: Leather

    Leather is the go-to seat material for that premium feel and finish. It’s durable, comfortable and visually appealing, and is fairly easy to maintain with the right products.

    • Inexpensive Option: cloth

    The cloth seat is the most cost-effective, with good air permeability, temperature insensitivity, higher friction power, and more stable sitting.

    ekr custom seat covers for cars burgundy

    4. Troubles Caused by Poor Quality Seat Covers

    Imagine these scenarios. You drive with anticipation and prepare to travel. After a while on the road, you experience discomfort while driving. The seat cover is constantly shifting, forcing you to adjust your sitting position every once in a while. Or go out on a hot summer day, close the car window to enjoy the air conditioner, but find that the whole car is full of unpleasant smell from the seat cover. Or maybe you go out wearing nice clothes only to have your seat cover stained and ruin your clothes. Are these make you still that joyful? I believe that appearing any of the above on the way of self-driving will definitely make people feel uninterested.

    If you want the best seat cover experience to add comfort to your travels, try EKRauto's seat cover, which can meet your travel needs without any of the disadvantages mentioned above. Finally, I wish you a happy travel, and quickly try the joy of self-driving travel!

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    Hello, I have a 1982 Chevrolet C-10 Scottsdale stepside truck and need seat cover in a bench seat,,,,do you make seat covers in cloth for my truck and price please. Thanks


    I have a 2022 Kia, sorento. Will these fit my suv ?

    Janet Mialback

    wow, thank you! I thought I need a custom covers rather that bad.


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