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Best Toyota RAV4 custom seat covers by EKR

EKR, the most economic custom seat covers brand, provides high-quality seat covers for lots of families who have a sedan, hatchback, or truck. Not only suitable for new car seats, but they can also protect and upgrade the seats of older car seats, allowing you to drive with more prestige.

Toyota RAV4 custom seat covers 

Let's see what kind of seat covers by EKR fit Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4 5th Generation XA50 2019 2020 2021 2022

1. 2019-2022 Hybrid: LE, SE, XLE, XLE Premium, Limited

  Remember these trim levels belong to hybrid. there is some difference with the rear seats' structures and dimensions. So, if your RAV4 is powered by hybrid, and the interior trim level is LE, SE, XLE, XLE Premium, Limited. Let's click link to find fund-style custom seat covers.


2. 2019-2022 Hybrid: XSE Hybrid, Prime, 2022MY SE Hybrid 

  It also makes me confused, but I have no other ideas about the seats sizes and structures. If your RAV4 is a Hybrid and trim level is XSE, Prime, or a 2022 made year SE. Yeah, I am not very happy, why did the last trim level get into our list? But now it is true. So, let it go, get into this link.

3. 2019-2022 LE, XLE, Limited, XLE Premium

  This stage is for diesel and petrol power RAV4, and suitble trim level is LE, XLE, Limited, XLE Premium. These are the same seat dimension and structures. It is easy to figure it out. So, if your don't electric system, and fitted trim level, please get into this link.

4. Adventure and TRD-OFF Road

  Pay attention this is not for diesel or petrol adventure and TRD-OFF Road. If you own a Hybrid RAV4 that belongs to 2019-2022 the made year, the trim lever is Adventure and TRD-OFF Road. So if your RAV4 Trim level belongs to it, get into the below link.
 Toyota RAV4 custom seat covers

Toyota RAV4 4th Generation XA40 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018


1. 2013-2018: LE (NOT for EV OR Hybrid)

  Ok, usually, the basic(no suffix)and LE Trim level, power not by EV and Hybrid. If your RAV4 belongs to this level of upholstery. You must get these custom seat covers for your seats. It should have been well taken care of. But now, you have a good chance to remedy it.

2. 2013-2018 RAV4 Limited XLE SE Platinum Adventure (NOT for EV OR Hybrid)

  These covers are made for high trim levels for No Hybrid and EV Power, you also need to take good custom seat covers for seats. Build up the seats durably, escalate the seats that would fade, hold up the fresh look again.

3. 2016-2018 Hybrid

  Toyota start to make the RAV4 Hybrid in 2016, and the dimensions of the seat are different, so we sort them as a single option for you to purchase.Here is the link
Toyota RAV4 custom seat covers
  Note: If your car is just around 2018 and 2019, please recheck what your RAV4 generation and trim levels belong to. It depends on the seat structures. If wrong, it won't fit, wasting your waiting time to get a new replacement. Contact the seller, if you are not good at distinguishing the model options. 
  At EKR, we have prepared many kinds of hot models exact sizes custom seat covers for your car. All types of vehicles, such as sedan, hatchback, SUV, Truck, and other types of car model body, what we pursue is to provide more and more hot car model seat covers for cars owner.
Toyota RAV4 custom seat covers
  EKR professionals are experienced at tailoring every brand car model and installing our EKR custom leather seat covers. We will share our video about tailoring seats, install our covers on local car owners, and even start a stream live for you when you want to see our installation work, just take a look at the quality of our covers. Please follow us.
Toyota RAV4 custom seat covers
  EKR is far more than just a seat cover. We are innovative, trying to get all hot model cars tailored. Rather than a universal covers factory, we provide a full-wrapped and non-slip cover. As to the traditional universal covers, it is simply cheap, but not fit, loose, and slippery, if you now have one EKR custom seat cover for your specific model, you will no longer need extra covers for your car's whole life. It will last more than 3-5 years even more long life.
Our leather is high quality, when you have fully installed it on your seats, it seems to grow up from your original won't slip and come off. Many customers would say it is more than a cover, but a whole car interior upholstery. It will make your seats elegant, look much better than before, not just protect function. to meet or exceed the fit and finish of factory seats.
Toyota RAV4 custom seat covers
  Don't hesitate about the function of the airbag, latch system, heat seats, and so on. our technician combine the cutting out with the leather, it was half-hidden, it is just like a half-circle, with lining cutting out snug into the leather. Tailored the original seats, note every latch position, leave the hole for use. the unbelievable breathy leather material makes heated and ventilated normally in daily use.
Toyota RAV4 custom seat covers
So what are custom seat covers? Custom means tailored for every car brand, model, generation, and trim level. Most of the trim levels decide the seat structures. In other words, we tailored your cars' seat structures, get its dimension, make the leather add to the dimension of the seat. That makes your seats full-wrapped,3D full covered, just like the original factory seats come out. Many people can't even tell the difference between which one is factory seats or EKR custom seat covers. That's what we pursue.
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