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Custom leather seat covers keep Corolla original-like

One of the most popular compact cars on the market today, is Toyota Corolla. The classic saying I've heard is that you will never see a breaks down Corolla on the road.

With its combination of affordability, reliability, and practicality, it's no surprise that the Toyota Corolla has a loyal following. Corolla drivers know that taking care of their car's interior is vital to ensure that the vehicle remains in good condition for many years to come. More and more drivers want to get the best covers. That's why custom seat covers come out, offering an affordable, practical, and stylish seat maintenance solution.

It's a great choice that the goal is style and comfort. You don't need to rip off the OEM seat covers and replace them with leather. Installing EKR Corolla covers is pretty much the best thing you want to do. Fortunately, EKR specializes in making measurements for the Corolla seat and applying different styles to the seat surface so that you get the best Corolla seat cover. Please browse through this volume of 2015 Corolla vehicles. It has been completely covered by the seat cover.

The seat cover is made of EKR leather, composite sponge, and high elastic cushion, which makes the overall shape of the seat cover very three-dimensional. Will be like the leather growing from the seat itself. Pay attention to our style design, M612 style, the outside is black leather, the inside is gray leather, and there are Pinstripes in the middle, which makes the seat cover more layered, and at the same time, the driver can feel the contour extrusion of the seat cover, providing a proper massage effect. Edges in gray piping stitched leather. Black and gray, are more aesthetic.

1. When installing the front driver's and passenger bottom seat covers, you'll need to use an installation tool to tuck gray piping into the original seat plastic and interlayer of the seat. Of course, if you find it troublesome, you can cover it on a plastic plate. However, for best results, it is strongly recommended that you follow these steps.

3. When you look at the headrest, you will find that the bottom of the headrest and the seat back are so tightly seamed that there should be almost no separation between them. The diamond pattern in the middle makes the seat trendy, and the photos taken verify this to a certain extent.

4. Twist your neck and the first thing that comes into your eyes is the so neat rear seat. The seat cover is locked securely like a nail. Since the seat cover has reserved holes for the seat belt bolt holes, you need to place the seat belt on the outside instead of wrapping it with the seat cover when installing. Otherwise, you won't be able to use them, so you'll have to disassemble and reinstall them. It is a good choice to read the seat cover installation manual before starting work, otherwise, some subtle operations may cause you trouble.

5. Best, beware of the safety tackle of the seat. To best fix the seat belt, you need to use a tool to insert the edge non-woven fabric of the reserved hole of the seat cover into the gap between the seat belt opening and the seat. This operation can ensure that your bench seats are flat enough, and passengers will not find out that this is a seat cover. Perhaps such a custom seat cover is the best gift for an Uber driver.

Toyota Corolla custom seat covers can bring some benefits for drivers, One of the biggest benefits is the added protection they provide to your car seats as a seat protector. That makes sense, insure your car with covers. Accidental spills, stains, and wear and tear can cause permanent damage to your car's fabric seats, leading to less resale value or needing to replace the entire seating. However, custom seat covers can help prevent such damage and keep your seats looking brand new. Additionally, leather seat covers also protect from sunlight which can cause fading.

At EKR, we're committed to providing high-quality custom seat covers made from top-of-the-line materials and designed to your specific vehicle's dimensions. Good material must be waterproof and durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions, spills, and stains. An excellent decision that can pay off in the long run with seat covers. Not only provide additional protection to your car interior, but they can also add a personal touch and style that will make your car stand out on the road.

EKR seat covers are also incredibly comfortable, offering a soft and cushioned ride that can make long drives more enjoyable. Additionally, our seat covers are easy to install, requiring no drilling, cutting, or gluing, and come with clear instructions to make the installation process as stress-free as possible. With EKR's high-quality custom seat covers, you can drive your Toyota Corolla with confidence, knowing that your seats are protected and looking they're very best.

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