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How many types of car seats ?

If you want to know how to purchase the most comfortble custom seat covers for your cars. You must know the types of car seats. So, here we go.

The Front Row:

There are a few different types of seats you will see in a vehicle. From a large scale, seat covers are generally divided into regular seats, captain seats, sports seats and bucket seats.

  1. Regular seat: We're talking about its shape here, not some other extras like leather seats, heated seats, power seats, etc. Whether leather or fabric, with or without power buttons or lumbar adjustment, as long as there is no feature of the seat below, it is all a regular seat.
  2. Captain Seat: Generally common in SUV and MPV models. The main feature of its seat is two separate seats with separate armrests on one or both sides of the seat. BTW, many models have captain's seats in the second row as an option, which can provide better comfort, sense of space, and better access to the third row of seats.
    captain seats
  3. Sports seats: In our industry, it is generally believed that the headrest and the backrest are not integrated, and the sports-style seats that are not buckets are regarded as regular seats. This is basically the same as the statement of most car manufacturers on the market. There is no difference. But please note that some ordinary seats can also be used as sports seats.
  4. Bucket seats: but we emphasize the bucket style, and the seats with integrated headrest and backrest can truly be regarded as sports seats. Let's call it a bucket seat. As long as it is integrally formed, no matter whether the middle of the headrest and the backrest is compatible with the air outlet or other rubbers, it is considered to be a bucket seat with a sporty style.
    bucket seats

Summary: Most of the seats are ordinary seats, and a small number of ordinary seats are used as sports seats and captain seats. The captain's seat features its armrests. Bucket seats are sports seats, but sports seats are not exactly the same as bucket seats.

The Second Row

The second row is the captain's seat. The second row is two separate captain's seats. Some models in the middle corridor will also be equipped with removable seats or no seats at all, but the empty corridor leads directly to the third row. The characteristics of the captain's seat have been discussed in the previous article, so I won't repeat them. Bench seat is a long seat, and the backrest and the base are generally separated. Most coupe models have two seat spaces with a cupholder or armrest in the middle. Some also have three seating positions. We need to focus on three seat space seat configurations.

bench seat on the second row

Rear backrest: The rear backrest is a 60/40 split, which is the most common backrest structure. 40% of the backrest is sometimes behind the driver's seat and sometimes behind the passenger seat, but that's okay, our technicians will notice. The rear backrest is one-piece, it is a one-piece backrest, which exists in most small cars, cars or pickups. The rear backrest is a 40/20/40 split, which is the third common structure. The middle is generally a center armrest that can be folded and folded separately, for such a structure, we also provide covers for this separate part. Other types: We can't deny that there are other backrest structures, but this is relatively rare, we will no longer be extended. Because most of our regular models are car models with three types of backrest structures. Please note that we are only talking about the backrest structure. Regarding the headrest issue, the headrest can be fixed or removable, which is beyond the scope of our discussion
Rear base seat: In fact, we naturally think that it should only have one piece, but! It does exist a case of separation. For example, Toyota Hilux, the base of the rear row of the main driver's seat in the British version is a 40% separated part. This may be to allow the car to better load and unload goods, so as to avoid products that cannot be placed in the second row due to the length, width, and height specifications. , this may be an explanation. Of course, please don't think about this situation too much, because our common rear bases are all a whole and only one piece.
Now you can check whether your car can be reclined individually or as a whole, which is an important indicator to buy a custom seat cover, because the rear seats take up a large part and the structure is more complicated than the front seats .

The Third Row

There is nothing special about the third row of seats.
Three seats and two positions are available, with two seats being the majority. Some of them can be folded down and hidden to facilitate the placement of cargo from the rear door. Some are fixed seats that cannot be hidden, but most are able to be lowered and folded up. Structurally, most of the bases are one piece and the backrests are 50/50 split or attached. Most people don't pay much attention to the third row, but we still provide seat covers for the third row seats, which are designed to protect the car's original seats.

the 3rd row seats

When we have a good understanding of our seats and can say exactly what the seat structure is, then we will be able to know very well what kind of seat cover to choose to get the maximum compatibility without having to feel chagrin for not being able to install it. Thankfully, we offer you the best and most suitable custom seat covers according to car model categories and in a wide range of colors.

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