What should I do if I want to order?

You need to know the model of your car first. The seat cover is mainly distinguished by the American nameplate. For example Toyota RAV4. The car brand is Toyota, and the model is RAV4. Simply search for toyota rav4. Or follow our navigation bar to find it.

I or want to change (color, size, size, price ...) what to do?

It can be ordered on demand, just select the customizable product in the car model collection. But it will be a little more expensive than the stock style, because the shipping cost will be added.

I want to cancel my order?

Use the purchase account to send us a message and request to cancel the order.

Buy customizable product

1 week production and 1.5-2 weeks (transport, unload, pass the customs inspection , local logistics and destinations). The above stage labels are in the creation status until local logistics scan package label and updating indicating received ready for local distribution

I need after sales service

Tell us what happened to aftersales@ekrauto.com for the most direct and faster response! Accept pictures, videos, text or links, and attach your order number to identify related orders.


Card payment error?

Customers sometimes encounter payment errors, which may be due to the review of your payment behavior by account management agencies such as your credit card. We can't help with that. You can only retry the purchase.

How to use discount codes?

From time to time, we will provide discount code discounts for purchases. Please fill in the discount code on the checkout page.

How to check order status?

Click the bubble in the lower left corner of our website - online chat tool, click "track my order". Make sure that the account you log in is the purchase account.