Shipping policy

Shipping method and time
Shipping method and time
In stock / Inventory order: Usually one week to arrive at the address, unless there is no actual inventory, we will contact you to change the style or wait for new inventory to arrive.

On-demand order: 1 week for production——1.5-2 weeks (transport, unload, pass the customs inspection , local logistics and destinations) The above stage labels are in the creation status until local logistics scan package label and updating indicating received ready for local distribution

Shipping Area
1. United States (duty-paid goods) (Except for islands and Alaska)
2. Asia Region (duty-paid / duty-unpaid goods)
3. Saudi Arabia, Mexico (duty-unpaid goods)

Standard Shipping cost
1.Europe: Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Finland, Romania, Luxembourg, Estonia , Bulgaria, Croatia (duty-paid goods)
2. Canada, Australia, New Zealand (duty-paid goods)
3. Central and South America country (duty-unpaid goods)

Regions that do not support delivery