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EKR Custom Seat Covers for Chevrolet Colorado US

EKR Custom Seat Covers for Chevrolet Colorado US

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Basic features of EKR series seat covers
  • Premium PU leather: Totally 4 high durability layer construction. Top layer protective abrasion resistant polyester shell offers waterproof, and flame retardant, wear-resistant prevent fraying , anti-scratch, resistent leak, splashes, stains, and harmful ultraviolet rays. Second layer soft EKR Selected imitation leather, premier texture touch. Third layer with high density composite shaped elastic sponge, built-in high rebound sponge keep driving comfort. Final layer with bottom cloth is a thickened non-slip knitted fabric. Perforated leather in the center area of the base and backrest great breathability, keep well ventilation.
  • Precise fit like glove: Clearly classification according the country edition, brand, model, made year, car body, and trim levels. Tailor-made to the exact specifications of vehicle's seats with professinal workmanship, Stitching is designed to emulate factory seat style . Full envelope design bring 360° super protection with a snug fit. It seems original-look-like skin growth from OEM seats, seamlessly perfectly fixed, the high-quality buckles and zippers enable a secure fit.The front resilient straps clamped the tail buckel, rather than deform slide or move after using it for some time.
  • Maintain seat function as normal: Secure driving guarantee with compatible airbags by reserved exit space implemented in the way of hidden cutting out with fake sealed segment to ensure the airbag can deploy in case of emergency.The segmented seat cover will fully retain seat functions. Manul and electric seat adjustment, forward, backward, lumbar adjustment, and reclining the seat. headrest deatachable or build-in headrest in backrest. Double-pressed quilting process, the headrest hole position of the car seat cover is concealed. Reserve the seat belt buckle and other slot holes for folding up and disassembly. Zipper access to the armrest and cup holder, and child safety seat will be well placed in the front ISO-Fix and back hook hole. The USB opening hole will be kept for you as much as possible, unless the specific location cannot be locked down. Built-in perforated leather makes Car seat heating and cooling system, ventilation work normally. Hybrid and electric vents will not be blocked.For more specific information, refer to the additional description of each model.
  • Neat in-car life: Pockets on the front seat and back can store things to keep the interior of your car in good order, Reasonable use of car interior space. Cleaning care will be easy to deal with if parts goes mess but no worries seat covers are detachable, just wipe gently with a wet towel or damp cloth due to impermeable environmentally friendly and non-toxic volatile fabic. All-four-season car seat covers: Provides maximum comfort and relief from fatigue during long journeys and daily commutes.The outer layer provides enhanced ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable while driving.Enhance the overall vision of your car interior, the level of beauty and texture coexist. 
  • Installation tutorial: Designed to install yourself, installation may require some effort for a snug fit. People with reduced mobility may find it difficult to install the seat cover, please ask a partner for help. Car manufacturer's owner's manual for seat construction and removal guidelines. Read our installation guide within the package, follow our social media, or just directly ask for help from the website. 
  • Pets Owner Guide: Some car owners have pets. For small cats and dogs, our seat covers can fully cope without causing damage to the seat cover. but if it is a middle or large dog, in order to use the seat cover for a long time, it is recommended that you add a special pet seat cover.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
David H.
Very good!

I went with the full set and it is a very nice fit, comfortable, looks great and most mportant to my needs, feels very durable. Very pleased with this product so far.

I really liked how these looked on line so I got them and my husband put them on.

The front seat and back are loose more than I like but I will keep them. I have a 2019 Chevrolet wt crew cab truck.

Took 4 hours to install. Not a perfect fit

Not easy to install. I pulled, tugged and yanked and I still couldn't get a snug fit. I had to cut holes on the tops of the rear seat backs for access to the release latches. The headrests were very difficult to install and are not a good fit. Overall I would say a good value for the price

Grey/Black color scheme incorrectly pictured. The back portion is solid gray and headrest is black

These actually look and feel real nice, with some odd fits here and there, mostly due to the loose 'pocket' created for the side airbags. Overall...I just could t get over the color not matching the images so, returning and I guess I will reorder in all black if I can't fire the the same color scheme in images. I'm also unsure on the headrest it seemed way off, but manageable.

5/6 edit.
I returned the gray/black which were not as pictured and ordered the all black set. Getting past the color issues on the first set, the new set looks much better. There is still a few loose areas on the front seat-backs, but I'm the only one who apparently notices them.

There does appear to be a missing slot for the pull tab for the rear backs to be released and folded down, which required me to cut a hole so I could still access those, but otherwise.. a great fit for Colorado owners

Average Joe
Pictured item does not match Chevy Colorado covers

Received the first set and thought there was a mistake. The replacement set was received within two days (impressed with speed). Picture shows the difference in the color scheme between advertised covers and actual installed product. There was no black inset on the side bolsters and the biggest issue was the headrests not being grey as the pictured product. Yes this is a little difficult to install but that is expected with the quality of the fit. The material appeared high quality and was comfortable to sit on. Just could not get past the color difference. Wanted to saved any one else from dealing with the same issue I had.