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EKR Custom Seat Covers for Honda Civic US

EKR Custom Seat Covers for Honda Civic US

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Honda Civic Custom Seat Cover
  • 10Gen 2016-2021 Sedan ( Distinguish: Rear backrest 40/60 split ): Front row: driver's bottom seat cover, driver's backrest cover, driver's headrest cover; co-driver's backrest cover, co-driver's bottom seat cover, co-driver's headrest cover; front central console cover. Rear row: 40/60 rear backrest seat covers, 1 rear bench cover.
  • 10Gen 2016-2021 Sedan ( Distinguish: Rear backrest one-piece ): Front row: driver's bottom seat cover, driver's backrest cover, driver's headrest cover; co-driver's backrest cover, co-driver's bottom seat cover, co-driver's headrest cover; front central console cover. Rear row:1 rear backrest seat covers, 1 rear bench cover.
  • 10Gen 2016-2021 Hatchback: Front row: driver's bottom seat cover, driver's backrest cover, driver's headrest cover; co-driver's backrest cover, co-driver's bottom seat cover, co-driver's headrest cover; front central console cover. Rear row: 40/60 rear backrest seat covers, 1 rear bench cover.
Basic features of EKR series seat covers
  • Premium leather: 4-layer Construction w/ foam padding and protective polyester shell; premium soft EKR faux leather layer Offers high durability, great breathability, water resistance, and flame retardant. Wear-resistant, Anti-scratch. high elastic sponge, hot-pressed non-woven fabric, and thick bottom cushion fabric.
  • Precise Fit: Tailor-made to the exact specifications of your vehicle's seats. Stitching is designed to emulate factory seat style and the high-quality buckles and zippers enable a secure fit. Full envelope design with a snug fit. The attached buckle allows the seat cover to seamlessly fit your seat, perfectly fix rather than deform slide or move after using it for some time.
  • Retain Seat function: Compatible Airbags by reserved exit space implemented in the way of hidden cutting out with fake sealed segment to ensure the airbag can deploy in case of emergency. The segmented seat cover will fully retain seat folding and disassembly functions. The seat belt slot, zipper access to the armrest, and child safety seat will be well placed In the front ISO-Fix slot and back hook hole.
  • Neat in-car life: Pockets on the front seat and back can store things to keep the interior of your car in good order. Reasonable use of car interior space. Cleaning care will be easy to go, just wipe gently with a wet towel or damp cloth fix due to impermeable Environmentally friendly, non-toxic volatile leather. and protects your seats from spills, stains, and damage.
  • Installation tutorial: Designed to install yourself, installation may require some effort for a snug fit. Includes a 2-year limit against defects. read our installation guide within the package, follow our social media, or just directly ask for help from the website.
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The video is leather material, only show the installation effect

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Customer Reviews

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Cristine B.
These are amazing!

I installed these on my mom's 2018 Honda Civic EX Hatchback and they are fantastic!!! The quality is outstanding! We bought her car with ugly tan and black cloth interior. Luckily we found these and installed them. I installed them myself and it took about four hours. The back seats could absolutely look perfect if I took the back seat bench out, but I didn't want to do that and they are nearly perfect anyway. I will absolutely buy another set in the future if these wear out!

Great Covers - Some Installation Tips

Several reviews have gone over how great these are, and honestly the front ones look like they came from Honda that way. I'd buy these again in a heartbeat. I'm mostly here to talk about the installation.

This is likely going to be a several hour project. I spent at least an hour fighting with the bolt to get the back seat in place, but we'll go into detail on that later. Any difficulties I encountered installing these is on the part of Honda, NOT EKR or the product.

First, make sure you take EVERYTHING out of the box they send you. Why? Because there's a little orange tool in there that is considerably smaller than my fat hands that makes a world of difference feeding these covers into tight places. I didn't notice it before I had the back seats on, and my very bruised hands would have been happy to have that. Now about that back seat... there's a 10mm bolt you need to remove that is just to the right (facing the seats) of the right-hand seat belt clip. A deep well socket and a short extension makes it easy to get to. Just pull up on the back of the seat or down on the cushion and it's pretty easy to spot. Putting this back in after I was finished? The bane of my existence and probably took 45 minutes of arguing with it on its own. About the middle of where both the left and right seats would be, there's a clip that you can squeeze and then lift the front of the cushion up. I have poor grip strength, so I opted for some adjustable pliers and in total the cushion was off within a couple minutes.

Putting the covers on was relatively straightforward and simple. The elastic straps work really well and hold these in place just fine. It only took a few minutes actually get the covers on, strapped on, and for the back, to get the zippers closed. These covers seem to go on the same way Honda's seat coverings do, and in this case it greatly simplifies things.

For the front seats, I recommend doing the base of the seats first. The instructions (which seemed to me to be much better than other reviewers have stated; probably have been updated since their reviews), show the back first. That's what I did, and while it doesn't complicate things, it does make putting the bottoms on a little more difficult.

When I did the bases, I moved the front seats as far back as I could and tucked the straps through the back. I pushed the straps at the front of the seat as far under as I could. This way, you can slide the seats as far forward as they go and you'll have the straps peaking out the back and they're much easier to get that way, while also leaving you room to work from the back seat. Then do the backs of the front seats. You'll have to tilt them a ways back to get the headrests off (and those covers go in in about 30 seconds each), but it took another few minutes to get both backs on and zipped into place. The strap they include there ended up going on one of the stiff wires for the heated seats, as that was all I could really reach.

All in all, it took me about four hours total to install these. Almost all of the straps running front to back make these considerably easier to put in than generic, one size does not fit all seat covers. If I didn't know better, I'd swear my car came from Honda looking like this. I would absolutely buy these again in the future. We'll see how long they hold up, but very happy with them as of right now.

Jonathan DeNicholas

READ CAREFULLY!!!! 2018 Civic LX Fit's like a glove! Some reviews said these won't fit the 2018 Civic LX. I assume something changed or they ordered the wrong version. Make sure you order the proper version for the Civic you have. My 2018 has a 1 piece back seat and the head rests are non removable. So that's the version of the seat covers I purchased and they fit perfectly. There are other versions of these seat covers that are not for the 1 piece non removable head rest back seat Civic LX 2018. The quality seams top notch so far. I doubt it's real leather but it feels great. And there is nice padding underneath too. We will see how they hold up over time but so far night and day compared to the competition. Yes these are not cheap but they definitely seem higher end and better quality. Carefully read the descriptions. Also be careful which reviews you read. If I had just purchased these from the get-go, I would have been all set. I tried cheaper car seats and they were not good quality. These are amazing so far.

Backseat Covers can be a little challenging.

I'm knocking a few stars off this review because I had a strap on the drivers side bottom seat cover break on me. Not just break, but completely unravel.
Edit: The seller sent me a replacement and was super helpful all the way through. I am reverting back to a 5 star review. These seat covers are pristine to be be quitehonest. Best covers i've purchased for less than $200.
These seat covers are really nice and at least for me, the front ones are a perfect snug fit. The back ones however are not. They are misaligned and cut way too close. In order for me to get the bottom seat covers on, I had to offset the right side because the opening for the hook where the rear bottom seats are bolted in was cut about 3.5cm off center. They still look nice, its just clearly not measured correctly.

The paper instructions aren't easy to follow, because the pictures which it was printed with are 360p pictures. The instructions are not very detailed or clear especially for a first time installer. The videos on their youtube channel are stock copies that are shot in vertical with no sound or music. There are even less instructions on how to install things in the videos. They copied and pasted the same video you can find on any other seatcover installation from an seller. I would suggest watching Car King's video on seat cover installation. The methods are virtually identical, but they use a different seat cover and they show you how to remove the rear sets for seat cover installation. I hope this helps someone.

You NEED to unbolt the rear bottom seats to install these seat covers. It's not hard at all. All you need is a 10mm socket and an extender about 6-7in to get in between the seats. Once you the bolt is out with the washer, just push down on the seat and pinch the tabs underneath and it will release. If you do not press down on the seat, the tabs will not release. Once the seat cover is on, you need to line of the seat hook and attach the socket back into the car before you relatch the seats. This is the most time consuming part, because the seat hook does not want to line up. Might be a good idea to have a second pair of hands to help.

Worth every penny!

Im not a big fan when it comes to seat covers because they are usually baggy, dont fit right, and shift around. Ive had these for the last 40k miles and I am extremely impressed. They fit great especially up front. They are easy to clean and made from durable materials. They conform to the seats and dont shift around! The only complaint I would have is that the back seat is a little off and the front head rests are a little baggy. Not very noticeable and I hardly use the back seat so Id definitely still give it five stars. Very comfortable too. Keep in mind the installation is a little more in depth because they are not simply trash bags over your seats. That said, I still did it by myself with no issues in a 10th gen civic.