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Customizable Seat Covers for Mazda

Customizable Seat Covers for Mazda

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  • Picture only shows color and style, actual effect depends on seat shape and structure
  • classic preset style
Front side smooth curve
Front side smooth curve
Front side concave curve
Front side concave curve
  • 4-layer Construction w/ foam padding and protective polyester shell; Leatherette layer Offers high durability,great breathability,water resistance and ease to clean
  • Stitching designed to emulate factory seat style and the high quality buckles and zippers enable for a secure fit
  • Tailor-made to the exact specifications of your vehicles seats and protects your seats from spills, stains, and damage
  • Designed to install yourself (installation may require some effort for a snug fit) and includes a 2 year limited warranty against defects
  • 100% Brand New : Full set custom seat cover includes front and rear seat covers ,headrest covers and airbag cutouts
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Customer Reviews

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Miles M.
Good but not perfect

Overall quality seems really good. They werent too hard to install by myself, just took a bit of time (2.5 hrs). I was a little disappointed that not everything lined up as nicely as it should. The seat belt slots were off a bit along with the cut outs for the back of seat attachments (see photos). They also didnt have a cutout for the middle seat release cord, so Ive lost the ability to drop my middle seat from the front of the car which is really unfortunate. I just expected a little bit more for the price of the product. They also have a flawed attachment system for the back seats, with the carpet attaching to the back of the seats, there is no way to tie the backrest to itself and this causes it to constantly pull out on the front side of the seats, especially when you fold the seats down and then put them back up. Honestly, not sure if Id spend the money again.


MAZDA 2016 CX5 Touring

Before I give my review I must mention how I agonized over this. I researched literally off and on for months. The sticker price I saw for the quality I wanted was horrible. The inside of my car was light upholstery and it looked horrid. So I had my car professionally cleaned and detailed and took these seat covers and asked if they could put them on for me and they did!! They had the product info on the covers because I gave them the box. When I picked up my car the detailers said that the seat covers were the best they had seen. One of them went on line and bought a set in his lunch break and the other 2 said they were going to do the same. The owner of the company said the quality and fit BEAT covers that cost over $1000 and I paid $229. They said the stitching and LAYERS of material will make them extremely durable.

THE FIT IS PERFECT!!!!!!!! Everything lined up beautifully. I was so concerned about the seat belt openings. The picture I took shows how they line up! The drop down between the seats in the back easy! In the pic you will see the little panel covering it. There is a zipper on each side of the panel and a Velcro strip at the bottom. To release the drop down, unzip both sides and pull the panel up then drop the tray and the cover flap lays perfectly on the back of the tray opening. So if you left it down it still looks great. EVERYTHING is covered and nothing slips or moves around. SNUG as if they were sewed on. Another concern was how I would be able to lower the back seats - again it is perfect. You can put all three down individually. It is not a solid panel on the back. Again see this on the pics. The back of the driver and passenger seat have pockets behind the seat like the original seats.

INSTALLATION As mentioned previously I had them installed by the detailers. I am an older person and I did not want to tackle it. I read in one of the reviews that the back bench had to be removed to install because the seat is flush mounted. Well that sealed the deal to buy them because that meant they were going to be snug BUT it also made me want to have someone else to install. I asked about the installation and the detailers said the the front 2 seats were pretty easy and one person could successfully do it. The back bench was another story. They said it to 2 people to do it because how you stretch and pull it for that perfect fit and to ensure everything stays lined up. They said that the fact that it was cool/cold (its January) that it was easier to install. There are a few spots where you can see that they seem like it could be tauter. They said that this will go away when it gets warmer and they will look even better!!!

WATERPROOF. They said that they are waterproof and the covers seal the seat so well that they kept my car an extra day to make sure my clean seats were really dry before the literally sealed them up with the covers.

HOW TO CLEAN. The seat covers have a real nice finish to them and this was from the owner of the shop. It was suggested to NOT use and real strong cleaning products to wipe them down. NO Armor All They said to get a new squirt bottle and add mostly all water with just a LITTLE bit of baby shampoo and shake it up. Dont squirt the seat - squirt your rag and wipe them down. They said the finish will remain like new for a very long time this way.


I STRONGLY recommend this product for my make model and year of my car. I wrote this lengthy review because of the concerns and fears I had of buying the wrong cover or what compromises I would have to have a car that you werent embarrassed to have someone to sit in it. I can not express how happy I am with the outcome. It is as if MAZDA custom made them for my car. Buy them you wont regret it your hunt is over.

Made exactly for each seat. It came in a big box so it had no wrinkles in any piece.

Still working on it. Good quality. Happy wife.

Completely changed my car!!!

I absolutely LOVE these covers! My car came with light cloth seats and EVERYTHING (including mineral water) stained them, making my car look really junky. I finally decided to order these and couldnt be happier. They are full seat covers, so you cant tell that the seats werent made this way, they look like leather. They fit my 2013 Mazda CX-5 seats perfectly but definitely took a decent amount of time (2 hours or so) to install. Probably some user error, but the results are worth the effort. My car looks expensive on the inside now, it feels like I have a brand new car.

Great product...Happy with purchase 2016 CX-5 Touring

My sister & I purchased this as a gift for our mother. It arrived earlier than expected but took our parents a few weeks to try to install. The installation went quite well with the front seats, but they discovered upon trying to install the back seat and back rest that we had accidentally purchased the wrong model. I contacted the shop via and sent pictures of seats and seat covers. They worked with me & my parents to get us the replacement seat covers for the model of the car. They shipped the replacements quickly and did NOT request additional $ for shipping the replacements, nor did they request for us to return the wrong product. We even asked a 2nd time to be sure they didn't want us to ship back the wrong seat covers. They decided to take the car to a car upholsterer to install the back seat. The upholsterer was quite impressed the the quality of the car seat covers. He mentioned that they only rarely install seat covers like this. He also mentioned, to successfully and properly install the seat covers, he needed to remove the seats from the car. My parents are really happy that they left this up to a professional. Bottom line...they are extremely happy with my sister & I's gift and we all would HIGHLY recommend this merchant for their quick response and going above and beyond to make something right that was not their fault.