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EKR Custom Seat Covers for Nissan Altima US

EKR Custom Seat Covers for Nissan Altima US

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The video is leather material, only show the installation effect

  • Tips: If you do not plan to use the split folding function in the second row, you can provide a full set of 2007-2012 altima custom sat covers
  • 4-layer Construction w/ foam padding and protective polyester shell; Leatherette layer Offers high durability,great breathability,water resistance and ease to clean
  • Stitching designed to emulate factory seat style and the high quality buckles and zippers enable for a secure fit
  • Tailor-made to the exact specifications of your vehicles seats and protects your seats from spills, stains, and damage
  • Designed to install yourself (installation may require some effort for a snug fit) and includes a 2 year limited warranty against defects
  • 100% Brand New : Full set custom seat cover includes front and rear seat covers ,headrest covers and airbag cutouts
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Customer Reviews

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Genuine review

?I was looking for seat covers that had a look from factory. These seats are those seats. They are a pretty penny but for what you get well worth it. The worst part about it is that they are tight so it takes a bit to put them on but thats also a positive because they fit tight and snug and you cant even tell that your car didnt come like this. 5 stars for product 3 stars for install I would definitely recommend to anyone

James bolton

Best investment! Looks factory, east install, high quality assembly that will last for years..

Good product

Value money

Nice product, superb customer service so far

Unboxing the package I found every piece nicely packed. I was impressed with the weight of the material. inspection the inside stitching revealed quality sewing workmanship. These are a nice set of seat covers. I should have spent a little time before installing inspecting the outside a bit better as I found as I was installing the last piece that it had a stain. Cleaning did not work -more on this later.
I have to say, they are much nicer looking, feeling than I'd expected. I'm not sure about durability yet as I've only had them on for a few day. So far I'm very impressed with the apparent quality of the fabric.
There is a downside to them. They state that the installation is easy and offer a video. In watching the video that is not a 2019 or newer Altima, I'm not sure it is an Altima being covered in the video. There is nothing easy about installing the back seat covers and even harder to make them look as good as they could in fact due to the pattern being a bit off I don't thing they could ever fit exactly.. but for the price how can one complain. It took a full 6 hours to get the back seat done after pulling it out of the car, to what I felt was an acceptable level and it took a LOT of elbow grease to get it there as well. if you look at the passenger side rear seat you see wrinkles between the two head rests and if you were to push on the panels your back will fall against when setting you'd find it is loose and stands off the back of the seat.
The front seats were indeed simple took about 20 minutes per seat.
The BIG time eater though was the back seat side airbags. I could not find a video about how to remove them as they need to be taken off to do the install properly. after struggling for 2 hours with the drivers side and getting it off, I realized I'd done it the most complicated way possible. FYI - just remove 1 bolt at the very bottom of the airbag holder and the whole thing moves UP and then pops off with no need to disconnect the electrical connections.. DO NOT disconnect unless you know what your doing.
After all was said and done they look fantastic aside from the one area in the back. I would NOT call this an easy installation item but it is well worth the effort.
Now about the stain I found as I was installing the last piece, again I should have inspected the visible side as I was unpacking but I was more interested in the stitching quality. When I found the stains I was terrified that the company would want me to return the entire set and I'd have to go through the installation a second time and I said as much in my email. I emailed them through the platform and I installed that last piece. Much to my amazement they got back to in about 2 hours they responded that they would like me to try and clean the item and if that did not work they wanted a picture. I attempted another cleaning and sent a picture of the failed attempt. They responded by morning that they would send out just the piece I needed as soon as they can. I've emailed them with my address and some other information and I believe by the speed with which they've continued to respond that my part will be sent very soon.
So while I am very impressed with the products quality and appearance I am equally impressed and delighted with the service the company has given in light of my issues.
I would highly recommend that if you're looking for seat covers for your car you do so with this company
UPDATE: within a week I had the replacement cover for the front drivers seat. The company was very responsive and quick to take care of things. One more reason I'd highly recommend these covers. Further, even the rear cover has fallen into place much better than upon initial installation. They clean easy and seem to be very hardy. I have a dog that goes with me everywhere and while I have an additional dog cover she sheds and gets dirt on these covers. Cleaning them is a breeze. EKR: