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EKR Custom Seat Covers for Toyota Prius US

EKR Custom Seat Covers for Toyota Prius US

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Product Composition

  • Front row: driver's and co-driver's bottom, backrest and headrest covers.
  • Rear row: 1 bench covers, 40/60 split backrest covers, 3 headrest covers.

Product Description

  • 4-layer Construction w/ foam padding and protective polyester shell; Leatherette layer Offers high durability,great breathability,water resistance and ease to clean
  • Stitching designed to emulate factory seat style and the high quality buckles and zippers enable for a secure fit
  • Tailor-made to the exact specifications of your vehicles seats and protects your seats from spills, stains, and damage
  • Designed to install yourself (installation may require some effort for a snug fit) and includes a 2 year limited warranty against defects
  • 100% Brand New : Full set custom seat cover includes front and rear seat covers ,headrest covers and airbag cutouts
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Matt R.
Near factory look

Very impressed with the fit and quality! Hopefully it will hold up well but only time will tell.

Kevin J McCall
Seats look great!

Seats look great! They take quite a bit of work to get them on and the orange tool is very helpful. You have to really work it to get the head rest area and back seat belt areas in the holes. I did take the back seat bottom out as directions show. You can do it but you will fuss through it! ??

Electrical Tasker
Rear seat cover does not fit properly

Starting with the good:
1) Front seat covers went on reasonably well and are only a little baggy.

Now for the bad:
1) Seat covers (and piping) look like they were just smashed into a box like a pile of dirty laundry. Some of the creases in the piping didn't come out.
2) Rear seat bottom does not have correctly sized holes for seat belts and the rear seat belts are not usable. One of the seat belt openings tore while trying to get the seat belts through.
3) Headrest hole sizes are far too small and tore when trying to stretch over the plastic grommets.
4) Headrest holes are not aligned properly, leaving baggy material in between.
5) Holes in back of rear seat are not aligned so that seat cannot latch properly.
6) Holes for child seat anchors are also misaligned.
7) Rear seat is baggy. Part of this is due to the contoured shape of the seat, but also there's extra material in the seat cover so that it leaves a baggy appearance.
8) Rear headrest covers are far too big and look quite tacky.

Very good

Very good